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Remus/Sirius Games 2008 - the offline archive!

Update log:
v0.1 — Fixed an username on the Staff page, and the Team pages (accessible by clicking on the images on either column, btb.)

Since I am clearly insane and like coding that little bit too much, I've done an offline archive for the 2008 edition of the Remus/Sirius Games. ...which really means that I've saved the pages with the entries, and put together some kind of web index to browse through them. ;P I honestly have no idea if any of you might want it and/or find it useful... but well, since the work is done, I might as well make it public. So I prettied it up a little (or tried to anyway), went possibly a little overboard with the tagging (as I’m wont to do, many will testify to that), and... here it is.

A few notes: I left the entry pages mostly alone, only adding the medal each got right at the end and changing the "go back" link, so that it will direct to the original lj post. (In case you want to leave a comment yourself — which is always warmly encouraged — or see the ones already left there. Or for whatever other use you have in mind.) Last but not least, please do bear in mind that we’re talking about a consistent amount of coding (by the end of which I was kind of fried); I tried to double-check as much as I could, but it’s hardly unlikely that some mistake and/or blunder might have escaped my notice. If that's the case please let me now, so that I can fix and reupload it!

Hope you've had fun with the games, and that you'll keep on enjoying our work! See you next year! ♥

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