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Clearing Things Up, R/S, NC-17

Title: Clearing Things Up
Author: shoeboxer4life
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Summary: Remus is tired of consoling Sirius over yet another breakup, and gets a little angry. Maybe he can clear up a few things for his friend?
Recipient: gryffindorj, because she begged for some R/S porn, and who am I to resist begging?
Beta: silenceofcedars

Part 1

Remus rolled his eyes and opened his bookbag, trying to tune out Sirius' ranting about Veronica or Victoria or whatever the hell her name was. Too bad James or Peter wasn’t there to do the requisite Sirius-coddling. Remus wasn’t in the mood. He'd thought his eye roll and sigh had been under the radar, but this time, Sirius zoned in on him and this time, Sirius was angry enough to force the issue.

"Did you want to say something for once, Moony?" Remus looked up at Sirius, and found his eyes were just as cold as his tone. Remus should have known not to fuck with Sirius when Sirius was in one of his moods, but it couldn't be helped. It was like when Sirius disowned his family before getting his inheritance. Or when he took that dare with the charmed pumpkin juice the morning of the Slytherin/Gryffindor Quidditch match. All the Marauders, as well as Sirius’ seventh year Gryffindor harem girls fought for the chance to console him in his misery each time and Remus was sick of it.

Sirius thrived on being coddled—pureblooded aristocrat that he was—and when Remus didn’t immediately take his side, his “poor me” attitude shifted quickly to full-on anger at Moony. Remus tried to look nonchalantly out the window, but few could resist all of that intense Black passion directed at them, and two nights before the moon, Remus was certainly in no position to suddenly pretend he wasn't affected by Sirius' gaze, to pretend he hadn’t sought it out on some level. He swung his head back to face Sirius’ anger and immediately flushed at being the focus of that intense gaze and again looked quickly away.

"That's what I thought," Sirius said dismissively, leaning back in the common room couch, an aristocratic wave of his hand as it swept through his perfect, fucking hair. "Always with a shitty opinion and without the bollocks to state it." Remus looked up at that. Disdain would not do. What happened to Sirius’ anger? Yes, anger would be better than disdain.

"Sirius. Shut up.” Remus said, his tone warning of danger. Sirius leaned forward onto his knees.

“What did you just say to me?” Remus felt his pulse quicken as the adrenaline drugged his blood. He dragged his fingers over the edges of the pages in his book, a nervous habit that always accompanied the mantra Madam Pomfrey had taught him: I am too dangerous to fight with others. I am too dangerous to fight with others. I am too dangerous… Remus’ fingers stilled on the spine of the book. Fuck it.

“I said,” he took a deep breath and tossed the book on the ground, the pages opening wide, “Shut! Up!” Sirius stood, an incredulous look on his face. Remus continued, muscles tensing in his chair, “It’s not a shitty opinion. It’s a fact that Veronica,”

“Victoria, you utter arse,” Sirius growled.

“Victoria, Veronica, whatever.” Remus rolled his eyes as he spoke, “Neither of them would have ever been right for you anyway. You always pick these lame girls and then complain when they don’t work out—“

“Lame girls,’ you say? You complete git!” Sirius stepped towards Remus’ chair. Remus stood and thought briefly of the abandoned mantra and imagined a pleading Madame Pomfrey at the end of the corridor in the hospital wing wringing her hands in worry.

“The. Lamest.” Those imagined hospital doors slammed shut as Remus stepped towards Sirius and clutched his own robes at his sides. He stopped an arm’s length away from Sirius, just out of striking range. He tilted his head to one side and looked straight at Sirius. “What did she get you for Valentine’s?” Remus scratched his head with one hand and put his other in his pocket to finger his wand, remembering that Blacks played dirty, and just because Sirius couldn’t punch him from there didn’t mean he couldn’t hex him. “Falcons tickets, wasn’t it? Fucking idiot. Doesn’t even know your team.” Sirius took another confrontational step forward.

“What the fuck does it matter what she got me? It was Valentine’s.” Sirius’ lip curled into a mean smile. Remus looked away, mad at himself for pursuing this. Suddenly he didn’t want to hear what Sirius was going to say. “We went out. She put out.” The smile turned into a full-fledged smirk as he folded his arms across the Puddlemere United logo on his chest. “I got what I wanted.” Remus snapped his gaze back to Sirius’. In for a knut, in for a galleon.

“Did you?” He asked softly, his words escaping through his lips like smoke after a drag. “Was it ‘what you wanted?” Sirius hung his head and blushed under the strands of black hair that fell across his face. Remus didn’t know if he wanted to tuck them behind Sirius’ ears, or punch Sirius in the face. Sirius didn’t look up, didn’t reply. “These girls are not for you, Sirius.” Still nothing from Sirius. Remus shrugged and bent down to pick up his book. “You know it. I know it. So stop your incessant whinging and go find someone who actually knows what you want.” He turned towards the portrait over the door. Sirius’ voice stopped him mid-step.

“And what the fuck do you mean by that?” Sirius ground out. He sounded half defeated, half still angry. Remus turned his head halfway over his shoulder, just far enough to see Sirius’ heated expression.

“I think you know what I mean.” Remus said as calmly as he could, not taking his eyes off of Sirius’ deepening flush. “And if you don’t,” his voice broke and he looked back to the portrait, hesitating for one moment, and then choked out, “I can try to clear it up for you.”

Part 2

As the portrait swung closed behind him, Remus finally took the quick breaths his body had been aching for. He leaned his back against the cold wall and closed his eyes, listening as his quick breaths resonated along all that stone. He tried to remember his mantra. Something about danger, wasn’t it? He tried to take deeper, slower breaths. A click echoed in the hallway as the portrait opened, and Remus stopped breathing again. He opened his eyes to see Sirius climbing out, his back to Remus. Sirius turned quickly, bumping into Remus, who steadied himself by grabbing hold of Sirius’ arms.

“Oh!” Sirius let out a little yelp of surprise and Remus let his arms go. Sirius took a small step back and then quickly tucked those loose strands of hair behind his ears. Remus just looked at him. He waited. Sirius stared back, one hand grabbing the other arm’s sleeve and pulling a bit.

“Stop doing that, Sirius.” Remus muttered, reaching across the space between them to swat Sirius’ hand away. Sirius reached out and grabbed Remus’ arm, pulling him close until their bodies were just barely touching, their noses an inch apart.

“I want you,” Sirius said, his voice low and his heart racing, “to clear it up for me.” His breath warm across Remus’ lips.

Something ran free through Remus’ body at those words, like a wolf let loose in a forest, as though all the adrenaline in his blood had been charmed into something else, something sweeter, warmer, tighter. He twisted his hands out of Sirius’ grasp and used them to push Sirius against the wall, pinning him next to the portrait with his hips and hands. He stood astride one of Sirius’ legs, his own leg working its way in between Sirius’ knees, and leaned his head in to nuzzle a bit along the side of Sirius’ face, taking in his scent, breathing in a heady combination of excitement and fear and curiosity. It was like giving in to the hunt, the chase, the kill. His mind stopped working as his body responded to everything Sirius. He pressed his lips softly and wetly against Sirius’ jaw and Sirius drew in a sharp breath.

Remus responded with a moan and licked his way to Sirius’ lips, which were open as he panted, his head straining away from the wall to be closer to Remus. Remus released one of Sirius’ arms to clutch him by the scruff of his neck as he leaned in and softly bit Sirius’ bottom lip before sucking it and then lapping at his mouth. Sirius kissed back, hungrily, and Remus could smell his fear shifting into complete arousal. He could feel Sirius’ heart thundering, trapped between Remus’ hard, hot chest and the castle’s hard, cold wall as though that racing heart were an animal caught in a vice.

As they kissed, Remus felt Sirius grow harder and harder against his hip, and he stepped out to slide his own erection across Sirius’ body, and then dragged it over Sirius’ denim-clad cock. Sirius whimpered into Remus’ mouth, and Remus let go of Sirius’ other arm to grab Sirius’ robes at his chest, to run his hand inside the robes, to feel Sirius’ chest rising and falling rapidly in time with his panting.

Now free, Sirius’ hands worked their way under Remus’ arms, tensing around his torso and rubbing down his lower back. When Sirius’s hands reached Remus’ arse and gripped it, Remus thrust forward into Sirius’ groin and bit down hard on his lip. Sirius gasped and pulled his mouth away, hitting the back of his head against the wall behind him.

“Oh, God,” he choked out, swallowing, and then he squeezed Remus’ arse again, harder. “Again,” Sirius begged, and Remus watched Sirius’ throat move as he swallowed, and let out a growl as he attacked Sirius’ exposed neck with his mouth, thrusting again and again, unable to pull away, lost to instinct, chasing something with an uninhibited desire he had denied for far too long. He sucked, and sucked, and sucked as his cock sought completion against Sirius’, one hand against Sirius’ chest, the other still gripping him by the scruff of his neck.

The drugged feeling in his veins seeped into his muscles and even his bones as he tensed against Sirius. He shot his release hard against Sirius’ groin, biting at Sirius’ neck and moaning into his throat. Drawing in gulps of air, he slowed his thrusting hips and brought his lips up to Sirius’s jaw. He kissed the side of Sirius’ face softly, tenderly, going back to lick all the reddening areas on Sirius’ neck and throat.

“Moony,” Sirius whined, rocking his still hard cock against Remus’ softening one. Remus pulled away far enough that he could look into Sirius’ eyes. Sirius’ normally perfect porcelain skin was now beautifully blotchy with the flush of desire. Those strands of black, glossy hair had fallen out over his brow, and he was breathing shallowly with a dark, hungry look that Remus recognized in his bones as mirroring his own. He wondered how many girls had seen Sirius like this? How many had heard the begging in his voice, seen his lower lip pulled into his mouth, caught on his teeth?

Sirius had never, ever looked so unbelievably hot. Not after a Quidditch match, all sweaty and half naked, joking around with the team in the locker room while Remus pretended to read. Not in his formal Black dress robes before the Winter Ball. Not when Remus had walked in on him and Veronica (or whatever the bint’s name was) in their room mid-grope and Sirius had stared back at Remus and blushed. Not that time he awoke to find Sirius sleeping naked next him under a blanket in the Shack the morning after the moon. Not even in his own fantasies of Sirius kneeling in front of him. He had never looked quite as delicious as he did right then, his pupils dilated, his muscles loose, his lips swollen. Remus wanted to devour him, eat him up, bite him, beat him, fuck him, please him.

Remus softened his lips and kissed Sirius again on the mouth, tenderly but firmly, and then reached down over Sirius’ jeans, under his robes, to grab what he could of Sirius’ tight erection through the denim. More than anything, he wanted to hear that pleading voice again. He rubbed his hand up and down very slowly, tracing Sirius’ hard cock, all the while wetly kissing and sucking on Sirius’ slack lips.

“God, Moony, please,” Sirius whimpered, bringing Remus’ cock back to life with that pleading tone.

“Please what?” he said as he returned to licking Sirius’ neck, his hand still stroking Sirius slowly. Sirius pushed his erection harder into Remus’ hand.

“Harder. More.” Sirius swallowed and turned his head. Remus thought he sounded—embarrassed? Oh, fuck. Sirius hot, hard, and embarrassed? Remus thought he might come again from the whining and swallowing alone. He stilled his mouth against Sirius’ neck and pressed his lips hard into Sirius’ skin in an attempt to focus. He could not get distracted now. No, now he had to complete the chase, bring his prey down to its knees.

“Shh,” he whispered against Sirius’ neck, tightening his hand against Sirius’ cock and stoking faster, “I’ve got you.” He alternated between licking and nipping at those reddened areas and rubbed his hand even faster. “I’ve got you; I’ve got you,” he whispered in between licks, a new mantra spreading through his veins. He brought his other hand down to rest on Sirius’ hip for a moment, and then ran it around to Sirius’ arse, pressing down his crack through the jeans with his finger tips as his other hand kept up the new, faster rhythm on Sirius’ cock.

Sirius had closed his eyes in pleasure but opened them wide as Remus’ finger tips pressed against his crack. Remus again pulled his face away to look into Sirius’ eyes.

“Come on, Sirius. Come on.” Remus said, low, against Sirius’ lips. And then Sirius closed his eyes and was coming, thrusting weakly against Remus’ hand, moaning something incoherent and utterly sexy into Remus’ mouth.

Remus waited for Sirius’ body to still and then pressed his forehead against Sirius’. Sirius seemed to get a hold of his breath after a few moments and opened his eyes, staring right into Remus’ gaze. He didn’t look so arrogant now, Remus thought. He touched Remus’ face and looked him over with an expression of wonder. Remus kissed him again, slowly, wetly. He heard the click of the portrait and felt the flush fill his face as he pulled away reluctantly from Sirius and closed his robes over his disheveled clothes. Sirius turned away from the portrait and ran a hand through his hair in an effort to compose himself. A group of fourth year girls chattered loudly as they stepped through the portrait and walked the other way down the hall, not even giving Remus and Sirius a second look. When they were gone, Sirius turned back towards Remus with a shaky smile and wide eyes.

“Fancy a nap?” he said a little brightly. Remus couldn’t help it—he reached out and tucked a stray strand behind Sirius’ ear.

“Sure.” He fingered a mark on Sirius’ neck for a split second before dropping to his side. Sirius brought his own hand up to feel the reddened flesh at his collar bone and he turned away before Remus could see his blush.

“I, uh,” Sirius began as he walked towards the portrait, “want you to clear up a few other things for me as well, Moony.” He gave the password and the Fat Lady smirked but said nothing as she opened for them. Remus watched Sirius’ athletic body step into the common room with the kind of fluid grace only good breeding can provide, and wondered for the millionth time what would have happened had Sirius been sorted into Slytherin as he surely should have been. Remus caught the door as it began to close and awkwardly followed Sirius into Gryffindor Tower.

“It would be my pleasure, Padfoot,” he said with a smile, allowing the door to close behind him. And he grinned to himself as Sirius kept his hand on his marked collarbone all the way up to their room.
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