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More gifts posted over at rs small gifts!


druhkayris created Fullmoon for articcat621

gizenshi created Research for minttwinings
After a mystifying run-in with Firenze, the boys eventually attempt to make sense of his cryptic message. Work-safe


abradystrix wrote An Adventure for knowmefirst
Remus and Sirius find solace in travel as the world gets darker. Rated teen/mature, PG-13, 1400 words

brighty18 wrote Jovenalia for shaggydogstail
It’s Winter Solstice 1979 and the stars are aligned for wish making. But, beware, even the most solemn of ceremonies can be interrupted by angry foliage... Rated light R, 2600 words

segundite wrote It's a Match! for liseuse
Remus swipes right into the biggest mistake he’s made in a long time. Rated PG-13, 3100 words

shaggydogstail wrote The Great Gryffindor Dating Game (No Money Back, No Guarantee, Accept No Imitations) for adriositiense
Sirius likes Remus. Remus likes Sirius. Their friends are supportive. Christmas is coming and romance is in the air. So it should be a simple matter for them to get together, right? Rated PG-13, 13000 words

woldy wrote Smoke, swans, and other Black family traditions for digthewriter
Sirius has disowned the Black family, but he hasn’t abandoned all their solstice traditions. Rated PG, 2300 words
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