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More gifts posted over at rs small gifts!

And rounding up Week 4:


bearshorty wrote Christmas in July for huldrejenta
Being stuck and lying low at Remus’ place is testing all of Sirius’ patience. But a magic snow globe, ice skating and a glimpse of a past life might just help Sirius see his predicament in a new way. Rated PG, 2800 words

huldrejenta wrote Let's Play Together for nerak_rose
The way Remus remembers it, their old band used to be quite awful. The way Sirius remembers it, they were a huge success. Maybe they're both right. Rated G, 2400 words

mustntgetmy wrote Show Me What It Could Be Like for abyss_valkyrie
Unbeknownst to any of his friends, Remus has been writing M/M erotica for a living. But naturally, it's impossible for this kind of secret to be kept for very long - especially from Sirius. Rated R, 4400 words

oh_peccadillo wrote Concomitant for cevennes
a lie low in Los Angeles, oneiromancy Rated R, 1960 words

rhye wrote The Bachelor Professors for sostrata
In alternate reality in which everyone lives, Harry visits Remus and Sirius in Hogsmeade during his first break in Auror training. Rated PG, 1600 words
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