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More gifts posted over at rs small gifts!


abyss_valkyrie wrote White Jumper for cackling_madly
Sixth Year and Sirius finally notices his feelings for Remus when he gets a white jumper. Rated PG-13, 4500 words


cevennes wrote Lethe and Mnemosyne for grandilloquism
Winter ’79. Looking to get out from under the black-hole overhang of wartime, Sirius and Remus take off to play house on the Cornish moors. It goes downhill from there. Rated NC-17, 26,000 words

littlepistols wrote The Infinite Loop for laroseminuit
Remus and Sirius travel back in time for a mission for the Order of the Phoenix. If only Remus and Sirius knew what, or who, they were looking for... Rated PG, 5700 words

luminousgloom wrote A Feast for mustntgetmy
Remus has a go at cooking a Christmas feast. Rated R, 3500 words

museinabsentia wrote All Souls Night for rhye
Arranged marriages had gone out of fashion decades ago in all but the strictest of families. Pureblood arranged marriages were terrifyingly archaic. And just downright terrifying. Rated light R/dark PG-13, 4400 words

shaggydogstail wrote Sirius Versus the Igloo for segundite
Remus finds himself stuck in an igloo, the Forbidden Forest, in the middle of an epic blizzard, with Sirius and no magic. Apparently they’ve been pranked by Peter. Marvellous. Rated PG-13, 3600 words
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