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Calm down!

Okay, first off, I totally don't like this pairing (Remus/Tonks) and I hated the way Tonks got characterized, etc. etc. But. Calm down, everyone! I see no way that Remus/Tonks NOW debunks S/R. Even for canon-whores, which I am COMPLETELY one myself. Yes, I am. So very much of one that it took me forever to accept ANY HP slash, even though I adore slash in general.

Anyway. A list:

1. Sirius is dead. At this point, he's been dead for at least, if not over, a year. I mean, I know denial is good and all, but he is. It's over, done, fini. Remus is alone and has been for awhile now. So what if R/T is canon now? It doesn't change anything about the past, especially as we have evidence that Remus has been putting her off for quite some time.

2. It's not like you're only allowed one relationship your entire life. Just because a YEAR after Sirius is dead Remus inexplicably loses his mind and goes for Tonks doesn't mean he can NEVER EVER EVER have EVER loved anyone else before EVER! (My girlfriend pipes in here, "It's the grief! Losing Dumbledore drove him temporarily insane!" Actually, it's kind of valid, if you think about it. Poor guy keeps getting people yanked out of his life.)

3. Being with a woman now doesn't mean you couldn't be with a man before. Hell, that's true of me! =p

4. As much as the one true love thing is kind of messed with, it's also not messed with at all. I hate to paraphrase Mercedes Lackey, but just because one has had a great feast doesn't mean they have to refuse to eat normal food ever again. You can have a one true love, still love them, always love them, and find a... smaller love after they're gone. And who are we to begrudge Remus his insanity normal food?

5. In short, calm down already. This isn't killing it for me, it won't kill it for a lot of people, and it doesn't even contradict canon to keep puppyshipping.

6. That is all.

7. No, actually, it's not. WTF, JKR? Tonks was like... a non-entity in this book! Ye gods! I totally don't see her being all, "Omg, my life sucks and I can't use my powers because Wupin won't WUV ME!!!!!11111" And him... I suppose it's because, well, how many people ARE willing to swap spit with a werewolf? Still. Grrr. Hmm, maybe he just got with Tonks because otherwise, it would have been Mad-Eye Moody or Kingsley Shacklebolt. ... oh god, I need to go to bed.

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