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Remus Lupin/Sirius Black Fans
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This is a community for fans of the slash pairing of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. The following are accepted:

* Fanfiction
* Fanart
* General comments on the ship
* Webpages
* RP journals for either of the 2 characters
* Meta discussions on the pairings

The following are not accepted:

* Community promotions (unless the community is explicitly about Remus/Sirius)
* RP ads (go to hprpsearch for that)
* Random posts asking for people to do something for you (unless it deals directly with Remus/Sirius)
* Quizzes
* Fanfiction or fanart for any pairings other than Remus/Sirius, even if it's Remus/someone else or Sirius/someone else (go to hpslash for that)
* Lyrics to songs or poetry that reminds you of the ship
* Random posts about Gary Oldman or David Thewlis that have nothing to do with Harry Potter
* Requests for specific fics or certain genres of fics (go to hpstoryfinders or accio_rs_fics for that)
* Pictures of actors you think would make a good Remus or Sirius

If you post any of the above, your post will be deleted, no questions asked. In that vein, it should also be noted that this is a forum that isn't heavily moderated as the moderator respects free speech of all different opinions in this ship. However, she does ask that you please edit posts if she asks you to. immortalis is the moderator and thescarletwoman is her co-moderator. Understand that neither can read every thread. If any problems arise in comments, please e-mail immortalis about it or thescarletwoman about it and they will try to get it all sorted out.

When posting fanfiction, please put it behind a cut tag, whether it be a drabble or a novel-length fic. Make sure you post the rating and what, if any, spoilers are in it.

If you are new to the fandom, you might have some questions on terminology. For that, you should probably go to this glossary.

Understand that this is a community dealing with a romantic/sexual relationship between two male characters. Some of the stories here may or may not contain adult language. You are forewarned. And please do not sue anyone in here. JKR owns Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and everything Harry Potter. Lucky.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send them this (to immortalis) way, no matter how trivial you may find them. The same goes for emailing thescarletwoman -- trivial is okay by her too. The moderators are always willing to answer questions (except for when she's been having them sent to the wrong e-mail address -- oops) and they both promise they won't bite.

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